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Companies that trust PixelEdge

Ideal for customers with a vision to launch and continually expand their product

Quickly turn your idea into a digital product

  • Ready-made platform to build your app
  • Ability to work with both structured and
    unstructured data
  • Support multiple channels (iOS, Android, Web)
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Scale your solution to grow your business

  • Add more channels as business expands
  • Add additional features and benefits to meet
    business needs
  • Grow your in-house intellectual property and team
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Gain peace of mind with our fully-managed model

  • Project management and software engineering
  • System integration
  • Ongoing iteration and maintenance
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Melissa Telzer

inKind Space

"After developing a base solution, PixelEdge not only quickly deployed the iOS and Android apps, but we were able to add out-of-the-box features as well. We do not need all of the features yet, but as we grow and mature, we can add functionality as needed. ”

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Mike Lavin
Global Head of Capital Markets

Thomson Reuters

“We were able to launch a beta version within three months. Having that working beta allowed us to better configure our MVP and go-to-market version with confidence. And now we can now prioritize enhancements in an iterative fashion via the platform.”

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Lisa Papademetriou


"Part of the secret to our success is that we are using the PixelEdge platform. Pixeledge launches new digital products using their prefab platform that includes dynamic multi-channel usability, keeping the costs of bespoke development to a minimum."

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