Rapidly deploy new products or services

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Engage your customers across all channels

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and monitors
All major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari)
App stores: Apple, Google Play, and Windows
Embed codes and widgets
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Give your customers a constellation of user benefits with our hosted app platform

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Future proof your investment

Right sized for the entire product lifecycle

Gain peace of mind

Manage and control your cost through our fixed price business model
We are responsible for delivering a complete enterprise scale working solution - UX to backend integration
We take a long term approach - it is about deploying and then iteratively improving and enhancing
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What people say about PixelEdge

"After developing a base solution, PixelEdge not only quickly deployed the iOS and Android apps, but we were able to add out-of-the-box features as well. We do not need all of the features yet, but as we grow and mature, we can add functionality as needed. ”

-Melissa Telzer, Founder
inKind Space

“We were able to launch a beta version within three months. Having
that working beta allowed us to better configure our MVP and
go-to-market version with confidence. And now we can now prioritize
enhancements in an iterative fashion via the platform.” 

-Mike Lavin, Global Head of Capital Markets Insight, Thomson Reuters

"The Innovate413 website and apps are a must for area entrepreneurs! Innovate413 has the stories, content, events and searchable resource directories specific to area entrepreneurs and startups.  We've needed this for years!"

-Paul Silva, Executive Director,
Valley Venture Mentors

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